Cityscapes - Tim Crabb

Cityscapes and Architecture

I admit I tend to overlook cityscapes and architecture unless it's staring me in the face with something out of the ordinary or inspiration slaps me across the face. Unless of course I can get a reflection, sunburst, or star bursts around the lights. As you can probably tell I do like the sunbursts. On this page you will find a variety of different cityscapes and architecture from around the world, some newer some older.

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A long exposure of a merry go round near the Eiffel Tower

Just after sunset the blue sky backs the illumiated tower and streets packed with tourists

timcrabb.com201505paris00187CityEuropeNightPeoplebluebrightclearcrowdduskeiffeleiffle towerfranceiconiconiclightsmerry go roundmonumentmotionspinningsunsettalltouriststraffic