Endless Mongolia

Mongolia is a playground for outdoor enthusiasts offering unrestricted wide open spaces to explore. You can drive for hours and not see a single person. On the flip side in the capital city, Ulaanbaatar, you can driver for hours and only go a few blocks. While the various types of countryside and vastness is an attraction for some, Mongolia isn’t for everyone, if traveling on rough roads for hours in a potentially hot vehicle doesn’t sound like a holiday then you might want to look elsewhere. Personally, I think long drives are part of what make Mongolia special, its something to know that there may not be anyone else around for miles.

Driving Across the Gobi

Going Nowhere

Sand dunes in the Gobi Desert

Into the Dunes

Mongolia is what I imagine parts of the United States used to be like before all the States were formed. In Mongolia, I would go on hikes and every time I was about to reach a summit of a hill or mountain I always expected there to be a view of city or town in the distance. Instead, each time I was met with more and more endless landscapes.

Mongolian Grasslands

Mongolian Morning Glow

Milkyway in the Gobi Desert

Light and Darkness

After all this talk about wide open spaces, there are people there too. While a good portion of the population lives in Ulaanbaatar, there are still many nomadic families scattered around countryside. Nomadic Mongolian’s live in a Ger (also known as Yurt in other countries). These Gers are able to be dismantled and move to a new location when the weather or landscape no longer provides the needs of their animals.

Home of a nomadic family

Nomadic Home

Mongolian's on horse back

Mongolian Men

Wildlife wasn't the focus of this trip, but there were animals everywhere. From enormous eagles (which unfortunately I was unable to capture) to the tiniest of lizards. Then there were the not so wild animals; sheep, goats, horses, yaks and other farm animals. A day wouldn't go by (outside of the city) without seeing multiple herds moving across the landscape.  

Horse grazing in Mongolia

Land of the Horse

Buzzard flying overhead

Looking for a meal

If you are thinking about going to Mongolia, don't hesitate. Its a wonderful place full of wide open landscapes, wildlife and friendly people. But one warning... For those who sit to do their business, the standards for toilets outside of places that cater to westerners, you should expect outhouses of varying standards.

Blue Bathroom
Door Optional

To see more head over to my Mongolian Gallery to view all the pictures I've posted.

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